Fuzzy FinderThere's 2 simple ways for integrating fzf into your ZShell configuration. The first is shown on the README of the git repo. Whereby you enter the
the shown functions and variables into your bashrc or in this case zshrc. However, if you have the ability to install fzf via your package manager (Apt, Pacman, Yum) then fzf should have let you with 2 files to source in your
.zshrc file.

The two files you need to source are dependent on your distro but on Arch Linux based distros the files are located at

  • /usr/share/fzf/key-bindings.zsh
  • /usr/share/fzf/completion.zsh

After a reload of your configuration with threse two sourced files you will get the default fzf functionality. E.g.

# Files under current directory
# - You can select multiple items with TAB key
vim **<TAB>

# Files under parent directory
vim ../**<TAB>

# Files under parent directory that match `fzf`
vim ../fzf**<TAB>

# Files under your home directory
vim ~/**<TAB>

# Directories under current directory (single-selection)
cd **<TAB>

# Directories under ~/github that match `fzf`
cd ~/github/fzf**<TAB>

By pressingafter a double asterisk you get a fuzzy finder menu appear under your prompt giving you the most likely possibilities for what you want to open based on your history and location context.

If you're not sure if you have the above files you can do a quick find on the command line:

sudo find ./ -name key-bindings.zsh

This may sshow you other plugins but if you just look out for fzf in the path those will be your files.

Portapack HackRF One devices have become increasingly popular with them popping up in droves as clones on AliExpress and BangGood.com lately.

If you're buying one - even one claiming to be "Havoc 2 2020" edition then you'll be surprised to learn Havoc has been discontinued. Its no longer supported. Neither Havoc 1 the original or Havoc 2 which was a fork.

So if you're wanting to get the latest firmware with the greatest features incluidng many that weren't yet implemented in the 'latest' Havoc firmware then look up Mayhem firmware which you can find at the link.

It comes with many great upgrades and a very active and helpful maintainer.

At the moment its the only alternatives you can get for HackRF One Portapack editions but it is compatibe with most of the editions that have been released including touch screen versions. They also release nightlyies as well
as numerous versions depending on what features you're portapack needs and comes with.

Be sure to check out Mayhem firmware. Its a simple copy across of a firmware.bin file to upgrade to the latest version then reset.

Mayhem Firmware: https://github.com/eried/portapack-mayhem

As you may be aware if you've read other posts on my blog including my post on the CJMCU 8128 setup and MQ sensors usage I'm a huge fan of BangGood.com.

BangGood.com are a company that offer the cheapest electronics for makers and hobbyists I've found. Sometimes GearBest beats them but BangGood by far is the place I get my electronics and equipment from for any of my projects.

So here's a list of the latest coupons and deals from BangGood as of August 2019 (if you're reading this after this date these links usually still work!).

$29.99 for AN870 19999 Counts Digital Multimeter


$3.99 for 5V to 9V12V Step Up Module

USB Power Boost Module

$142 for DS213 Mini Oscilloscope

Mini DS213 Oscilloscope

$72.99 for JDS6031 Hand-held Oscilloscope 30M 200MSa/S

Hand Held Oscilloscope

$228 For Hantek Dso5102p Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz 2 channels 1GSa/s

Hantek Professional Oscilloscope

$8.49 for TTGO T-Display ESP32 CP2104 WiFi bluetooth Module

ESP32 TTGO with LCD Screen

$69 for DANIU ADS5012H Digital 2.4-inch TFT Screen Anti-burn Oscilloscope 500MS/s Sampling Rate

Hand Held Oscilloscope

$11.11 for Handskit Battery Soldering Iron

Battery Operated Soldering Iron

If you'd like me to make this a regular thing let me know. I don't just make this post for the hell of it. I just used one of the links to get myself this USB soldering iron which I originally lost a few weeks back.

Dogfooding it as they say.

Anyway - hope someone finds these useful and leave comment below if you want more of these offers.

I was about to give up on Hexo after finding new plugins I wanted to use but weren't working and stopped the generation of my blog. I narrowed it down (easily) to the ancient Hexo Paper Box theme I'd been using since the beginning.

So I did what anyone would do. Check out the Hexo themes section. Unfortunately its search feature is about all it has. No filtering based on popularity, newness or anything else.

So with a bit of Google-Fu I managed to find a great link that helped me find the Next theme.

Here's a few great sites that will help you get your Hexo installation get up to speed:

  • Awesome Hexo - a site for listing some of the best Hexo plugins filtered by users.
  • Hexo top 10 Themes - the top 10 themes by number of stars (this is how I found Hexo Next).

The Hexo Next theme I chose comes with a HUGE amount of customisation options for both Western and Chinese users along with theme-specific plugins you could find useful including minification, caching, etc.

THere's even theme selection for code blocks making it ideal for developer blogs.

Whats best of all though? No more errors on hexo generate .

Check out the Hexo top 10 Themes by stars and especially Hexo Next.

It's been a LONG time since my last post so my first port of call was recovering my last post which I stupidly hadn't pushed to rmeote before my hard drive died. Then I had to play with some plugins.

Here's some of the music I like to listen to when coding to get my blood pumping and get in 'the zone':

Or if I'm in a Prodigy mood (which is often) then somethng like:

If I want something a bit more vocal and hip hop style then a Prodigy remix like this is all good.: