Hexo Deezer Tag Updated

Hexo Logo Version 1.0.6 has been released of the latest Hexo Deezer Tag plugin. This was mainly a maintenance update to include the latest changes in Hexo by Tommy351. These included project-specific styling and linting.

# Changes

I'm a big believer in uniformity of coding styles within projects and its associated extensions and think it important that core projects standards overrule your own personal views.

# Using Changes

As this is mainly a change to the development of the plugin you won't be able to see any changes to the plugin on your site. It just makes the plugin a little more robust, clearly displaying status and preparing for some major refactoring to implement proper testing of the plugin (using Mocha) along the lines of my other Hexo extension the Hexo Deezer Playlist Helper for templates.

The changes will be immediately noticeable on the Deezer Tag page. But you can also check them by cloning the repo and running the npm commands:

git clone https://github.com/OdinsHat/hexo-tag-deezer.git
cd hexo-tag-deezer
npm install
npm run eslint
npm run jscs

# Finally

Grimes is currently touring!